London-based duo Eli & Fur have built their trademark sound around deep melodies, as well as their own melancholic vocal stylings. They’re coming off the back of a strong 2018, which saw them drop several singles on Anjunadeep that were collated together on their Night Blooming Jasmine EP.

To start the year off, they’re returning with an offering on their own NYX Records imprint. Appropriately titled “Coming Back,” the single shows the duo working with their characteristically dreamy melodic ambiance and deep, progressive basslines. While there’s a Maya Jane Coles remix on the horizon, we’re bringing you the original as our Track of the Day.

“‘Coming Back’ is a deep and emotive track featuring our own vocals,” Eli & Fur told us. “It’s about feelings that are hard to let go of—something you keep coming back to. We wrote this in our studio outside London, starting with chords, a drum groove, and a vocal hook, which is how most of our tracks begin their journey. We then spent a long time jamming lead synthlines and bass sounds to build up the more melodic aspects.”

Of course, the special touch shows its face in the form of their own evocative vocal delivery, a crucial component that allows Eli & Fur to bring catharsis closer to the dancefloor.

“Getting our own voices onto our tracks is always important to us. We have a lot to express and love to bridge the gap between vocal-led tracks and club music. This one is particularly special to us, as it’s out on our own imprint, which we will be continuing to grow this year.”

Available February 15 via NYX Music.

Buy Eli & Fur’s “Coming Back” here.

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