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If there has been one trend we’ve noticed, it’s that artists have become more and more adept at building a large following before they arrive on Insomniac’s stages. Enter NuKid, whom we unearthed during the Nocturnal Wonderland 2016 Discovery Project comp. His so-fresh and so-clean G-house beats have a bounce like hydraulics and offer a glimpse into the ‘90s G-funk era with a sub-heavy modern flair.

Even before his music knocked around inside our judges’ heads, the L.A. native had won the adoration of Tchami, Laidback Luke and Malaa. Not only has he risen to EDM prominence with releases on the mighty Mixmash, but he has also begun stomping his way onto mainstream radio via his work with music industry behemoths like Universal and Def Jam—the latter being a huge accomplishment for a ‘90s kid who listens to hip-hop religiously.

If it’s dank memes you seek, though, don’t expect to get them from NuKid. He prefers to let the music speak for itself. On his Discovery Project release, he deftly lays down a slick bassline that is more than enough to carry the tune on its own. A rock-solid kick is accented by breathing percussive elements, adding salty spice in all the right spots. And of course, there’s a fine touch of G-funk, thanks to the gangsta vocal. NuKid puts a refreshing splash of hood-rich energy into this tune, which is a perfect representation of why he’s fast becoming one to watch.

You’ve been both a hip-hop head and a guitar player for a metal band. How does your current style marry those two influences?
G-House [has the essence of] the hard-hitting sounds and high-energy factor of heavy metal. With the raw lyrics of the rap music infused, it helps me to produce a new vibe of sounds and styles.

You have loads of tattoos. I’m sure they all are significant, but are there any that are particularly meaningful to you?
Good question. Each and every piece of art I’ve had done through my tattoos represents a season of growth I’ve gone through. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but they all mean something deep and personal, which are like souvenirs and memories.

Your social media presence seems to be confined to just your music. Is that by design?
My social media presence is focused on the music, which at the end of the day is the main ingredient. I’d prefer to have followers based off of music than to have followers there for any other reasons.

How were you first introduced to dance music, and why has it become so important to you?
When I first was introduced to dance music, it was hard to deny the power behind it when people would dance with so much energy. I feel like it’s a universal language that has enabled me to experience the art of making people dance.

When you won the DP competition, you had already amassed a pretty solid fanbase. What inspired you to enter?
Truthfully, I wasn’t really planning on entering, but a buddy of mine insisted on me submitting a mix, and it just so happened to work out in my favor. It was good timing, I guess.

Since you are such a big ‘90s hip-hop fan, what’s your favorite album from the era?
If I had to choose one album, it would have to be All Eyez on Me by Tupac—every track on that album is dope as fuck. Also, it’s produced by Daz Dillinger, one of the best in the game.

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