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We’ve put together some of our favorite tunes from Discovery Project alumni for you. We do this regularly, so keep checking in with the Alumni Tracks You Should Know series to see the latest and greatest from our Discovery Project artists.

Francis Derelle “Hollywood Dream”

Francis Derelle never fails to bring those feels on everything he throws up on his SoundCloud page, and yet he still manages to run the trap when up onstage. This time, he’s teamed up with Lisa Cimorelli—one part of the six-sister girl group Cimorelli—to pull your heart straight out of your chest. Lisa’s voice is the clear star here, with Francis’ big drums and tremendous synth stabs providing the most appropriate backup. It’s production value like this that makes the rising star one of the most exciting young artists on the Circus Records roster.

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Grensta “Dust”

San Francisco’s Grensta continues to impress with releases that walk the line between classic house vibes and gritty, underground, gangsta boogie. “Dust” centers itself on a soulful vocal and a bassline that slithers and slides right beneath it. It’s one thing to release on an imprint like Anabatic, which has become a pillar of the underground community—but it’s an entirely other thing to be asked to return for another run. The invite back is a clear indication of the fact that Grensta is slingin’ heaters with the best of them, and it’s par for the course for this young producer who also frequents labels like Audiophile, Psycho Disco, Perfect Driver, and Nite Records.

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Kendrick Lamar “Humble” (Skrillex Remix) [Deafmind Resauce]

With Skrillex’s hotly anticipated “Humble” remix dropping last week, it was only a matter of time before people jumped on the bootleg train. And while I had some reservations about writing one up, I’m a sucker for some dirty broken-beat business. The Oregon-based duo has put a unique slant on the record, laying down a solid club-ready groove over Skrillex’s already heavy bass work. In what will quickly become a sea of hastily slapped-together edits and remixes, Deafmind have landed on something that sounds fresh and surprising.

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Truth x Lies “Wanderlust”

Ryan and Ian of Truth x Lies are hanging on to the very last beat of summer with their latest journey into the deep end. Setting things off with a soulful and heartfelt vocal atop a bed of subdued chords, the tune builds to a rolling bassline beat with just the right amount of sampling to create the vibe. It’s easy to get lost in a world of intense sound design, but songs like this remind us that house music is about capturing a feeling. It’s these classic minimal elements that often create the most transcendent dancefloor moments.

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Chris Lake “I Want You” (Noise Frenzy Remix)

Noise Frenzy is back at it again, rinsing out a bottom-heavy slumper of a remix for Chris Lake’s summer hit “I Want You.” It’s a tough task to take on such an infectious and ubiquitous song, but as always, Noise Frenzy comes through and adds a slice of sexy, down-low funk to the affair, while keeping enough of the original groove intact to do it justice.

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