We’ve put together some of our favorite tunes from Discovery Project alumni for you. We do this regularly, so keep checking in with the Alumni Tracks You Should Know series to see the latest and greatest from our Discovery Project artists.

Herve Pagez & BIGGS ft. Happy Colors “Platano”

BIGGS is back, and he’s brought the homies Herve Pagez and Happy Colors along for a wild ride of hard-hitting drums, blood-boiling percussion, and an extra funky synthline that cuts through the mix like a samurai sword. “Platano” is out June 6 on Ones to Watch Records, the sister label to Laidback Luke’s Mixmash.

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Transviolet “Future” (Christofi Remix)

Christofi comes through with a huge rework of this pop-leaning Transviolet tune. Leaving the vocal mostly intact while keeping with the upbeat tropical vibes of the original, he’s stepped up the tempo just enough to make it more dancefloor-ready. His added drum work gives the tune an even stronger root, and he’s masterfully repurposed the vocals into an all-new rolling synthline, which gives the tune some bright and wonderful colors.

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Ludacris “Stand Up” (Sheni Doko Bootleg)

Putting a new slant on a near classic hip-hop tune can often produce mixed results. Fortunately, we have Sheni Doko to show us how it is done. Subs and bass that work like this don’t come along every day, and they provide the perfect club-rocking energy to match Luda’s pitched-down vocals. Doko drops just a hint of Bmore breakbeat energy in the breakdown to keep things fun and funky. It has “club heat” written all over it.

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Pegboard Nerds “BAMF” (RIOT Remix)

Heavy beats and headbanging high energy are just a few of the many things that make dubstep the metal equivalent in dance music. RIOT is closing the gap between these two worlds that much more with this electrifying remix. They’ve created a completely fresh guitar intro that turns the energy up to 15. And when that drops hits, you can tell the boys are leading up to the sub-smacking jump-up D&B vibe that hits you in the chest once the second drop comes in.

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Agent Orange “Overshadow”

Agent Orange brings New York swagger to his latest slumping techno burner. Low-slung and deep, “Overshadow” has got a thumping groove locked in the mix, which is bound to get heads heaving in any late-night spot it encounters. With a lifetime of experience in the industry, Agent Orange is a longstanding figure in the techno scene with a clear understanding of what it means to move a dancefloor, and it truly shows in his music.

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