We’ve put together some of our favorite tunes from Discovery Project alumni for you. We do this regularly, so keep checking in with the Alumni Tracks You Should Know series to see the latest and greatest from our Discovery Project artists.

Chay & Dead Space “Talkin’”

We aren’t normally ones to post clips, but seeing as how Dead Space rocked out two mammoth sets at EDC Orlando for his hometown crew and has been on a serious roll lately, we felt it was appropriate to rep his Toolroom release alongside consistently awesome collaborator Chay. The duo has crafted a fine piece of tech house with a soulful vocal clip, which emerges from a warm bed of funky piano chords and huge synth stabs. Wasting no time and getting into some tribal funk, the boys have expanded on their already-diverse sound.

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Agent Orange “U Need It”

Also featured on Toolroom’s London Underground 2016 compilation is Agent Orange, the Discovery Project’s techno man of the hour. The act of pushing the drums to the front of the mix makes for rump-shaking rhythms that are underscored by a drone of dirty and dark atmospheric elements. His tunes always have a dark and driving energy, and his style only seems to get cleaner and more refined with each and every release.

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INDO “Turn Me On”

INDO is further pushing his mission of getting his fans lifted with this new triplet-laden piece of low-end grit. He’s crossed into that undefined territory where this can’t be easily classified in a genre category, so we’ll just go with the “funky and nasty AF” tag. This beat is all about the bass, the heavy kick and understated percussion that lets the ever-evolving bass lead shine through in a tune that is reminiscent of some of the new mau5trap signings, like Rezz and Black Gummy.

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Airwav “Nomads” (w/ HVNNIBVL)

One of the more recent Discovery Project signings you should be up on is Airwav. His emotive and densely layered tunes wowed the DP crew here at the Insomniac office, and he’s back with another beautifully written tune. The underlying hip-hop beats play through as if they are live drummed, and the track features plenty of funky edits that drive it forward and keep it interesting. But the real star here is the uplifting chord progression that is played out via the rich synths and supporting vocal chops, which duck and dodge the beats to create an extra rhythmic layer and also serve as a second melody line.

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Krewella x Diskord “Beggars” (Consouls Remix)

Krewella’s dark and edgy collab with Diskord is perfect fodder for some bone-thrashing D&B, and Consouls was the perfect man for the job. Adding some rough and tumbling beats to amp up the already high-energy tune, he’s kept the vibe of the original alive, while making it feel even more anthemic with his slice-and-dice job on the synth and bass elements.

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