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L.A. sibling duo Dateless and Lucati are serious enough business on their own—but when their talents combine, it becomes next-level stuff. While Dateless has been around for a minute, growing a large and positive reputation, his brother seems to have been making up for lost time since jumping in. Today, they team up to drop a fiery EP, Life Sentence, which is being issued on their own Kȯlmē Records.

“Take Me Around the World” is a solid track and a prime example of the quality Dateless and Lucati bring to the four-track package. It’s a heavy, grooving chunk of tech house that gives a nod in the direction of 2000s electro. The bassline is thick and body-moving, playing well against the bright synth stabs and lockstep percussion. Nailing the whole thing down is a fairly winking vocal hook.

Though not exactly a raging track, “Take Me Around the World” is definitely fueled with an energy that is catchy, rhythmically hypnotic, and made for the dancefloor. If this is any indication, these brothers can only keep rising in success.

“This EP is our most meaningful release to date,” Lucati tells Insomniac. “We titled it Life Sentence because brotherhood is a commitment we hold seriously—to be there through thick and thin. As brothers, we’ve worked relentlessly to make a name for ourselves in the house music scene, and to finally be able to compile our most unique records—on our label, for our fans—it’s a dream come true, and we ain’t waking up any time soon.”

Available November 30 via Kȯlmē Records.

Download Dateless & Lucati’s “Take Me Around the World” here.

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