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Brazilian powerhouse Danny Kolk has been floating up the hype machine lately, and for good reason. Outside of his teaming up with Dirtybird, he’s also been cranking out some pretty mental tunes. With an upcoming two-shot EP for Audiophile XXL, titled Ghost Bike, Kolk lays out bona fide proof that the hype is real.

The flipside of the EP is a deep and pounding tech house tune that definitely rolls in its own lane. Right from the start, off-kilter sounds float through the mix on “My Style.” A ghostly synthline buzzes over a dance-inducing beat and bassline. As the percussion builds to a crescendo, the buzzing synth falls apart, only to come back in small chirps. But things don’t stop there. Vocal samples manipulated beyond comprehension croak in with monstrous demeanor, forcing an evolving tension before divulging their secrets.

The track continues to change and shift in odd and spooky ways, yet Kolk makes sure the groove stays locked in from beginning to end. The dynamics here are also on-point as the sounds continually morph from section to section. Deep, dark, and laidback, “My Style” definitely has a lot going on. It’s the kind of track whose high strangeness is sure to bring listeners in, as opposed to turning them off. It’s another solid release for Danny Kolk.

“I always try to bring fun into my songs, so my vocals are always crazy and strange,” Kolk tells Insomniac. “Sometimes I play with things from my day-to-day—things that I find funny!”

Available July 27 via Audiophile XXL.

Buy Danny Kolk’s Ghost Bike EP here.

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