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No other imprint seems to be more in tune with the underground bass scene than the trusty folks over at BRØKEN Music Syndicate. Since launching in 2015, the Dallas-based label has spent its days championing the most forward-thinking beats of the bottom-end variety. The pulse is definitely under their finger. During the final stretch of 2017, they ventured across the pond to snag a single from one of the best bassline brokers in the business. UK’s Inkline came correct for the crew, lobbing up “Listen,” a moody masterpiece made straight from the mind of an artist who knows how to make a late-night crowd lose control. More than a year on, and it still holds up just as well as it did on day one—yet the tune is still getting a refresh that places the piece inside the perspective of two incredible forces.

Label regular Isenberg drags it into a minimal drum & bass space, adding his own raw, stripped-back flavor to the original formula. On the other hand, we have Chick Iverson, a Seattle-based talent who has been cranking out cuts with crazy amounts of character (which is why we wrangled him for a steamy EP on IN / ROTATION). His take lands left-of-center in the tech house realm, building around the foundation Inkline laid down.

“Working on this tune was a pleasure,” Chick Iverson tells Insomniac. “Inkline’s use of space/sound design are top tier, so it was a pretty logical process for me to add my own flavors but keep the original vibe intact. I think the moody pianos/vocals are a great setting for the typical Chick Iverson driving subs/drums!”

It’s the quirky characteristics where Iverson excels best, as he sends off-kilter whirs, gritty basslines, snappy percussive hits, hazy hums, and growling textures into orbit around fragments from the original. Chick Iverson finds a way to truly flip the script without completely changing the narrative that crushed it in the first place.

Available March 26 via BRØKEN.

Download Chick Iverson’s “Listen” remix here.

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