Nowhere else do dance music and hip-hop intermingle better together than at Audiotistic. The walls separating those two worlds are about to get blasted yet again, as the eclectic af festival prepares to bless the Bay Area when it returns for its next iteration in July. From speaker-freakin’ bottom-end to new-age rap royalty and everything in between, this year’s lineup has both sides of the spectrum covered beyond belief. Not buying it? Take a glance at the roster yourself, and then try to say it isn’t so.

Both days are practically bursting at the seams, and we thought it would be the right move to give you a guide for what’s about to go down at Shoreline Amphitheatre this summer. And what better way to burn through those wide-ranging beats than to serve them up on a silver platter via our Audiotistic Bay Area 2018 playlist? Burn away, fam.

Audiotistic Bay Area 2018 takes place Saturday, July 14, and Sunday, July 15, at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Northern California. Tickets go on sale Friday, May 11, at noon PT.

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