Los Angeles artist Hector Carlos Ramirez has been producing electronic music under various aliases for years. This time around, he’s adopted the gauzy moniker Auragraph and labeled his current aesthetic “retrowave.” On “Drone,” his debut single with this project, it’s easy to see why.

A rapturous mix of vaporous synthpop with touches of oscillating acid house and peppered with handclaps and tweaked vocals, “Drone” is an unabashed sonic love letter to the 1980s that would light up any lo-fi house set or feel at home on the soundtrack to a neo-noir flick. It is simultaneously icy and mechanical, yet lush and sensuous.

It should come as no surprise, perhaps, that he works closely with S U R V I V E, who famously scored the similarly 1980s-inspired Netflix sci-fi sensation Stranger Things. Word is, his music will soon be featured on a Nat Geo series, which should broaden his reach significantly. In the meantime, if this is what Auragraph means by “retrowave,” add us to his growing underground cult.

Available November 13 as a self-release.

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