Nelson Zavarella (ZAV) was born in Caracas, Venezuela on February 4. At the young age of 4 he moved to Orlando, FL, which he soon learned to be was a hub for dance music. At age 10 ZAV got his first guitar. He loved it from the start and taught himself how to play it. Three years later he decided to start a screamo band with some of his friends. During that time he started using FL Studio to produce backing tracks such as synths for the band. Then one day ZAV was shown a video teaser for Ultra, and it was love at first site. Not only did he make it an immediate goal to go to Ultra, but he also decided he wanted to become a Producer / DJ. At age 15 ZAV began to make Hardstyle and Dubstep tracks. Then ZAV came across a video of Hardwell’s “Encoded”. This motivated him to make house music too.

During his junior year in high school (age 16), ZAV started to DJ at house parties for his friends. Surprisingly he built a fan base right away. The house parties were as energized as any local club night. The first song ZAV was comfortable releasing to the public was called ‘Basic”. The whole school knew him for the song, he finally created a real buzz for himself. The popularity continued when he released Bounce. Receiving over 2000 plays in just one day, Bounce was his new favorite hit. Bro Safari became a supporter of the track and it also reached #1 on the blog, where it received 29,000 plays. ZAV continued to play locally in 2013 and finally got his big break. He earned the opening spot for the Thomas Gold show in Orlando, FL. His dream becomes more real each day. Nothing but good things to come for the young, passionate musical genius we call ZAV.


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