Origin: United States

Giving the crowd a cutting edge innovative sound with dynamic energy is what TJ & Justin, aka Yokai, pride themselves on. After falling in love with house music, following their first Holy Ship, the Yokai boys decided to push the boundaries of house music by developing a unique sound that maintains a classic tech house design with invigorating synths and vocals all on top of a massive vigorous baseline that gives their crowd some of what they love, some of what they used to love, and some of what they should love. As a result of their success Yokai has become a well known fixture in Central Florida’s music scene routinely landing them direct support for touring artists, playing music festivals and additionally headlining their own shows. With performances all over Florida’s major venues Yokai’s music design has satisfied listeners of all kinds. With incorporated influences from subsidiary genres like tech house, techno, deep house, and G house gives them a very positive response across the board for their innovative style of house music.

-We Are The Yokai


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