Origin: Korea, Republic of

Yeonjun started as a professional DJ in 1999, as a resident at club Matmata, located in Hongdae, Seoul. The club was an iconic house music club that ravers from that time period still remember and cherish to this day. During his residency, he introduced artists such as Derrick Carter to the listeners in Seoul.

In 2011, Yeonjun moved to the Itaewon area in Seoul to open Mystik, yet another iconic house/techno venue that is well known as one of the most prestigious clubs in Asia even after its closure. In year 2016, he opened a venue called Deviate in Hannam-dong, an area close to Itaewon.

Yeonjun is a true safeguard of the electronic music scene in Seoul, a great director that built up many iconic clubs, and a great DJ whose selections have a whole history of their own.


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