Origin: United States

Vangar is among the fastest rising young talents in the trance scene today. Specializing in hard-hitting 140 trance, this Los Angeles native is a skillful crowd-mover most known for her relentless bass lines. Her most ardent fans may know her as Vanessa Garcia, but most will know her for her Sensory Sessions podcast. She is usually soft-spoken and forever five-feet tall, but despite her small package, her sound is sized for the massives. She likes to tell the story of that audience member who approached her after a show one night, only to realize that, “Oh, wow, you’re a girl!” – which goes to show how hard she can bring it, harder than most of the boys.

But key to her success, in addition to her impeccable taste and powerful style, will be her extensive training in classical music. Foundation came early for Vangar when at age eight, she excitedly demonstrated her natural skills on, as her parents recall, any instrument she could get her hands on. Formal lessons soon followed with the violin when she joined the school orchestra. It was there, through the chills she’d get from all the instruments being played together, that her lifelong passion for music was born.

It wasn’t actually until 2006 that Vangar had even discovered dance music. Finding herself at her very first underground party, she was quickly taken by the sounds of “EDM” and drew immediate parallels to her orchestral background. It soon became clear that simply attending these parties and watching these DJ’s spreading good vibes with their music wasn’t enough. She needed to become a part of it somehow…

And so she began her mission to explore the art of DJ-ing. Vangar dedicated herself to countless hours of studying genres and honing her craft, and over the course of a year, managed to assemble a respectable collection of trance, hard dance, and hard techno. In May of 2009, she landed her very first gig at Abstrakt Desert, which became a major turning point in her life. Bringing the enormous crowd to their feet was reward enough, let alone all the new fans thanking her for a killer night. But the true reward was that she had found her calling that night – to bring people together with music. If there was a question about it before, there was none after.

From that point on, Vangar was on her way to becoming one of those DJ’s she admired so much. In 2011, Vangar diversified her act profile when she befriended fellow SoCal native Hardstyle Informer and the two fused their compatible styles into a duo act known as The Machines. Under that outfit, Vangar has played with the likes of Arnej, Lange, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Norin & Rad, Andy Whitby, S3rl, Klubfiller, Darren Styles, Dan Stone, Johnny Yono, and Mr. Pit.

In 2013, Vangar sought to expand her technical knowledge of audio engineering by enrolling at Citrus College’s degree program. In 2015, after graduation, Vangar resumed her focus as a solo act, both as a producer in the studio as well as a DJ in front of a crowd. Today, she looks ahead at her busy calendar, eager to add to a long list of venues that includes Exchange LA, Avalon, Circus Disco, Heat Ultra Lounge, Florentine Gardens, Belasco, The Complex, The Lexington Bar, The KT Bar, and The Cave. Having recently performed alongside Astrix, Mark Sherry, Orla Feeney, Kristina Sky, Origin, and Aizen, Vangar is quickly gaining recognition throughout the scene.


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