Genre: Techno

Origin: France

Emerging DJ from France, Trym aka Sparkling Water Boy cuts the boundaries between HardDance and HardTrance.

Owner of the label ‘COLOR’, he released three vinyls up until now, completely mirroring his personality – driven, powerful and polychromic. He also recorded a Boiler Room Podcast which is available here:

Being weariless starts to become a regular tendency is Trym’s life, performing around Europe and spending an everlasting amount of time behinds his decks practicing and creating.

As a new-generation techno artist who has proven himself to deserve his place on the scene and behind the decks at events, Trym has never stopped working hard on his projects, notably investing his time and self in producing music, surrounding himself with a team and always looking towards his future as a musician.

His biggest challenge remains to induce emotion at every single gig, and tell his story, which has only just begun.


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