Genre: Trance

Origin: United States

Passion. It’s the beating heart of the trance music community, and it’s what drives New York DJ/pro- ducer Tensteps to create the music that first opened up the world of electronic music to him almost 10 years ago.

2020 has already seen support from world-renowned DJs like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, MaRLo, Morgan Page, Dash Berlin, and of course Andrew Rayel, on whose record label inHarmony Music Tensteps now unleashes his 6th release with the label, “One With Me”. The record is a reminder that there’s more to this artist than 138 BPM, while still keeping a relentless, driving energy about it that underscores the soaring vocals provided by Linney. It also turns a page for Tensteps, marking the first trance record he’s released featuring a vocal that he himself has written. “What I was thinking about when I wrote it was actually trance music,” he says. “I was thinking back to being in a crowd at a show and letting the music just pull me in and take me wherever it wanted to. And that journey can be different for everyone, just like how we interpret lyrics to a song. You might hear a different message than I do. You might feel something totally different. That’s what makes this music so amazing.”

Between continuing to build out his Ten On Ten radio show and all of the new music on the schedule for the rest of 2020 and beyond, it’s clear that the ride is only just beginning.


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