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Genre: Electronic · Melodic Techno · Trance

Origin: Canada

In the ethereal realm of dance music, TDJ emerges as a luminary, crafting a sonic universe that marries melancholy with bittersweet euphoria. Geneviève Ryan-Martel, aka TDJ, blends years of composing guitar ballads and experimenting with electronic production; influenced by the trance classics as well as the raw emotion of emo, TDJ’s artistry transcends genres.

Establishing early on a deep connection with France through Casual Gabberz, Geneviève debuts her first track as TDJ, “Can’t Stop Ravin”, by contributing to their Christmas compilation “Meilleurs Voeux III”.

Her first EP “TDJ001” released on 2020 on Montreal’s label Collection Disques Durs, while critical acclaim quickly follows with the release of “TDJ002”, an explosive Eurodance EP featuring standout tracks like “Lalala (Want Somebody)” and “Open Air”, garnering praise from Trax Magazine and Tsugi, and remixes from artists like X-COAST, Panteros666 and DJ HEARTSTRING.

In 2022, TDJ unveiled her debut mixtape “TDJ123”, a meticulous blend of hits from her earlier works and exclusive compositions. Following up in 2023 with her EP “BACK TO 123”, TDJ delves deeper into her influences, an intoxicating world of electronic music that is enticingly and uniquely her own.
Her audio-visual masterpiece “SPF INFINI”, championed by Pitchfork in the “Trance Is Back—and It’s No Joke” editorial piece, comes to an end in 2023 as the third and final opus releases.



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