Genre: Electronic

Origin: United States

Tau0n is the fusion of Anais and Scott’s music; blending together sci-fi and surrealism, they create an idiosyncratic listening experience to fill your most fantastical, psychedelic urges, as well as, your primal desires to let loose to their hard four on the floor beats.

Their music transcends dimensions and weaves through time. Delicious and dirty sounds embrace the body in ecstatic exclamation while words observe the feelings of otherness. Particles and molecules reverberate from the mouthwatering textures and uncanny flavors juxtaposed. Sounds dance in such a way that will salivate the aural palate of any celestial creature.

Scott and Anais played their first DJ gig with the Funn Machine at Lighting in a Bottle and have played at subsequent parties and events since – finishing up their run before COVID-19 started at the SOLD OUT Sacha Robotti Slothacid Takeover at Sound Nightclub. Since then, they have appeared on multiple live streams, most notably on the Slothacid Desert Hearts and Dirtybird takeovers. Their songs have been played on Insomniac TV and Octopus Record live streams, as well as having support from artists like Steve Darko, Niles Shepherd, Sacha Robott,i and VNSSA.

Anais, a first generation Armenian-American, and Scott, born in Nebraska, are both raised as Los Angeles natives. Anais and Scott spend their free time goofing off with their dogs, watching anime- and most recently Outlander… Jamie Fraser 4 lyfe – and are avid tea drinkers.


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