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StarLab is a project initialized by Bharat from New Delhi, India. 

Training in Indian Classical Music had laid the foundations for Trance for Bharat at an early age. Over the years, as a self taught Bass & Guitar player he gathered a wealth of musical experience touring and recording with his band for over a decade, ultimately discovering the hypnotic sounds of Psychedelic Trance on the tranquil beaches of Goa, India. This strongly affected his musical persona after which he began to teach himself synthesis & music production and project StarLab was born.

In 2013 he joined ranks with India’s premier record label Digital Om Productions and following a string of chart topping releases on renowned labels such as Digital Om, IONO Music, TechSafari, YSE he has gone on to perform all around the world in USA, Japan, Portugal, France, Germany, Serbia, Croatia Switzerland, Spain, Thailand and Nepal. These include performances in premium festivals such as Antaris Project-Germany, Shankra Festival- Switzerland, Exit Festival- Serbia and many more.

StarLab’s sets can be best described as being deeply atmospheric, infused with grooving basslines, mysterious, enchanting melodies designed to create a powerful and meaningful dance floor experience.


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