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Spinal Fusion

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Spinal Fusion, musician of Indian origin, sound engineer, label manager of Profound Records (India), started to produce music at the age of seventeen. Always had an ear for music and sounds since the age of 10 which literally excited him! But it wasn’t until he really started experimenting in 2008 and feeling the psychedelic atmosphere that he discovered he wanted to share and entertain the people with.

Spinal Fusion production is all about producing something new & enthralling…..His sound belongs to Morning, a Full On strand, and consists of a high power, with captivating melodies, bringing psychedelia and making the public feel an unique experience…

Spinal fusion’s chronicle production is the eventual grate which transforms to exhilarate psytrance comprised with refined smart and unique melodies, with a taste of progressive, and some adventitious vocals.

His music guides one on a journey deeper into oneself enabling the spontaneous integration of life and wisdom that offers a chance to dive deep into genuine relaxation which people will love to undertake and enjoy. It has all the ingredients of traversing the mind through the various channels of Emotions, ultimately ending with MOKSHA-self entitlement with the grace of Shiva.

He always thinks ahead of how to connect with everyone’s soul through his music in the crowd; those who are familiar and at the same time unfamiliar with his fusing soft emotional riffs with rolling groovy tunes that drops like a bomb of bliss that no dance floor can resist.

Spinal Fusion was introduced to the worldwide with his first digital debut Ep “ELEMENTS OF LIFE” an appetizer for spinning psyheads across the globe 20th March 2012.

Since April 2012 he is a proud member of the Indian based psytrance label “Profound Records” which believe in sculpting and delivering high quality sounds by retaining and preserving the psychedelic scene universally. The sole purpose of the label is to support the upcoming generation of musicians, talents and DJ’s along with the prominent names in a profoundly way.

He has released 6 EP’s since 2012: Spinal Fusion – Pandora’s Box EP (Profound Records 2015); Spinal Fusion and Mental Broadcast – Mind Expansion (Profound Records 2015); Intergalactic Travel (Profound Records 2014); Cosmology (TechSafari Recs 2015); Inner Peace (BMSS 2013); Escape to Reality (Hilltop Records 2013). Also has collaboration with Ital, Sinerider, Mental Broadcast, Civa, Nukleall, Mechanimal, and others single releases in various record labels.

With 3 years of musical experience and experimentation, Spinal Fusion has been presented in the most important events of his country (India), and also in some of the great recognized Festivals world-wide like: The Experience Festival (Thailand), Freq’s of nature Fullmoon Festival (Germany), Hilltop Fest (Goa), Shankra Festival (Switzerland), F.L.O.W Festival (Austria), S.U.N Festival (Hungary), Blackmoon Festival (Italy) are among others…


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