Slumdogg Trillionaire

Origin: None

Crossbreed the ambiance of a Bollywood film, the energy of the LA underground, and the zest of Eastern culture, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a new infusion of something which the club has never before seen.

Enter the dust. Enter chaos. Enter Slumdogg Trillionaire.

Imagine the muffled cry of the infamous 808 juxtaposed against the indigenous twang of the sitar, the percussive intensity of the tabla and it might, just might, sound something like the alter-ego of a mysterious longtime mainstay of the New Delhi underground.

A cynic towards all things conformist, Slumdogg Trillionaire refuses to be pigeonholed into one sound. Calling upon the vibrance of his motherland and the grittiness of the nuance of life itself, few selectors can make multiple worlds collide so eloquently, earning him guest spots at some of the world’s finest establishments and looks from many of the industry’s key players.

Dare to turn off the lights. Dare to enter the cultural mind fuck. Dare to enter the newest addition to the EDM CURRY…



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