Origin: United States

DJ Scooby has been spinning jungle & drumnbass for nearly 18 years hittin the dance floors with sum heavy dark bass and heavy snare drums never disappointing the crowd with his beat matching & turntablist mixes and scratches. It all started in the early 90s watching his big brother get involved with graffiti & the rave scene which had a huge impact on him at an early age, and in no time Scooby was painting walls by the 3rd grade and by 6th grade scooby was experiencing his first taste of the OG 90s rave scene and has never turned back. By 1995 he got his first taste of puttin the wax on the turntables and has been reckin it ever since. In 1995 Scooby started to spin hardcore and psy/goa trance but quickly made transition to jungle music in 96 falling in love with the rugged bass and the amen breaks, there was no denying the power of jungle music and to this day Scoob-Rok1 is on top of his game and a loyal junglist to the death and DJ Scoob-Rok1 has one mission and that’s to bring jungle music to the forefront of the underground party scene and create a movement like never before.


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