Origin: Mexico

Satori is a project by Mexican Progressive Trance Producer, audio engineer and sound designer Enrique Diaz Guzman.

He began his career as a musician at 13 years old, studying music theory and guitar, playing in rock bands and punk rock. Later, in 2001, has his first encounter with electronic music, attending events and underground mass of Mexico, finding a passion for this music and scene.

Since 2004 he has his first experience mixing and producing electronic music, taking it as a lifestyle, but until 2006 that the decision to study Electronic Music Production and Audio Engineering. After a couple of years of steady production Satori born.

Since 2008, Enrique was released creating their own style of psytrance, Satori under the name, study and sharing the stage with artists of national and international stature, covering much of the republic with his music and currently consolidating Satori as one of the best projects of Progressive trance new age.

Today, Satori is working to the label Uxmal Records, one of the most important in Mexico. showing a powerful and original style.

Satori is considered by many one of the best and most promising exponents of Mexican trance scene.


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