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Genre: Dubstep

Origin: United States

Bryan, also known as RZRKT (RE-SUR-RECT) is a electronic bass musician from Laredo, Texas. He brings a melodic twist to the category by combining dark and inspiring melodies into his work inspired by multi-genres, evolving into heavy bass drops that have a distinct and creative sound. Eager for growth, he is trying to bring new life to the genre by experimenting with trap, psytrance, future bass, and dubstep. During the fall of 2020, RZRKT released ‘Heart’ on Excision’s record label, Subsidia. This was apart of the first series of the Night compilations and eventually became a fan favorite for it’s unique character of the combination of future bass with dubstep. Eventually, RZRKT gained support of other major artist like Wooli, ATliens, Marauda, DJ Diesel, Illenium, and more. On October of 2021 RZRKT started a mix series called, “The After Life,” which describes his project as a whole and the vision he has for his music career. Shortly after RZRKT released “UNKNOWN” with LOUIEJAYXX in Space Yatch Records curated by NAZAAR and became apart of the Best of 2021 playlist. In the start of 2022, Excision kicked off his tour and has been playing seven of RZRKT’s unreleased tracks and are becoming fan favorites. MADNESS, DISRUPT, and ATOM (all unreleased) have been flooding social media accounts and are becoming tracks that have been directing fans to RZRKT. RZRKT has substantial amount of goals for this year and has confidence that his music will speak for itself.


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