Rico Rox

Berlin born DJ Rico Rox began his DJ career at the age of 17 in Cologne, Germany. Rox quickly established a name for himself in the German music circuit with his signature remixes of house classics, and his ability to merge various styles of music. In 2007, DJ Rico Rox was offered to spin at a popular Hollywood “hot-spot”. Within a few short weeks, DJ Rico Rox was one of the most sought after Disc Jockey’s in Los Angeles, earning him residency in renowned venues such as: Trousdale, Hyde, Guys & Dolls, Colony and Exchange LA. “DJ Rico Rox has an undeniable connection with his crowd. They love his high energy tracks and innovative sound choices,” Tal McAbian: Co-Owner, Exchange LA. Staying true to his roots, DJ Rico Rox is a frequent special guest DJ at reputable venues throughout Germany and the rest of Europe. Rox continues to evolve his sound in the house circuit by producing his own unique tracks and increasing his fan-base both domestically and internationally.


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