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Out of the streets of Los Angeles, DJ / producer / jungle veteran R.A.W. has been holding down the jungle scene in the City of Angels since 1992 when he used to do a weekly called JUNGLE that is now a legendary short lived gathering that was the Mecca of jungle music and since this time Los Angeles still retains a devoted number of true junglists. During the early 90’s he was also the jungle buyer for the top DJ shops in Los Angeles like Street Sounds and Beat Non Stop. Having first access to rare UK jungle white labels and promos made him the official West Coast jungle ambassador who also had turntablist abilities that set him apart from the other DJs in the rave scene. In 1998, R.A.W. was the first DJ to win a DJ battle using dnb records. He used 2 copies of a Metalheadz to create a complex routine where the breakbeats were doubling up and sending the judges into a frenzy. The other DJs never had a chance! He has been playing over the years at well established jungle / dnb clubs and festivals in USA such as EDC, Monster Massive, Respect, Konkrete Jungle, Coachella and many more. He has also touched down in countries like Japan, Venezuela, Mexico, Austrailia, Belgium, Czech Rep., Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands, France, Italy…the list goes on.

From 1997 until 2004 he released over 50+ jungle / dnb / hardcore releases mostly under the names R.A.W. & B­BOY3000 on labels like Priority, N20, Sound Sphere, Warner Bros., Thrive, Vortex, Thermal, Amen Factory, Babylon UK and his own labels Mictlan & Void Audio Experiments. He also has sold a plethora of mixtapes and mix cds which are incredibly still selling at major music outlets like Amoeba LA / SF and Dr Freeclouds OC. Ravers and party goers still trade his mixtapes like baseball cards and treasure them like gold.

In 2006, R.A.W. took a break from dnb / jungle and began to concentrate strictly on dubstep. He changed his name to 6Blocc and his career as a dubstep DJ / producer quickly took off and within a short time he dropped 30 dubstep singles and toured Europe and Russia playing to huge crowds. Since the exposure of dubstep to the mainstream, the sound of dubstep has taken a turn for the worse and now it’s time to escape back into the jungle where it all started for him. And so with the musical switch comes another alias which is SKANX, the resurrected junglist.

In 2012, Skanx began production on 140 jungle / J­tek tunes and quickly made noise through his SoundCloud via free downloads of classic jungle / rave tracks.

“The same feeling I had when I first heard dubstep is how I felt when I heard a Sub Slayers single”. Sub Slayers is the top future jungle / J­tek label out of London and in 2013 R.A.W. aka SKANX dropped a single on this prominent label called AFRIKA which rose to the #1 spot at TRACKITDOWN.NET followed by a remix he produced with Marcus Visionary for the legendary reggae band ASWAD which also sold nicely around the world. In many ways, nothing has changed for this DJ / producer as he continues to prove why he will always be the ‘King of the LA Jungle’.


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