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Porter Robinson

Genre: Electronic

Origin: United States

Bringing Nurture to life meant overcoming creative drought, depression and family illness. “It was an extensive period of just total emotional struggle,” says the North Carolina-based artist. Nurture is made up of songs he found on the other side: adventurous, uplifting diaries of his own path back to happiness, each one imploring listeners suffering their own periods of hardship to hold on.

Everything’s changed since Robinson’s 2010 arrival, from sonic landscapes to literal surroundings. Porter himself notes the immense effect of the exit from his childhood home on this new collection, shedding the comforting walls of his formative years, where 2014’s genre defining Worlds crafted an expansion for the universe of electronic music. His own precocious arrival into the collective consciousness via co-signs from the dance music’s greats now feels like merely a footnote in the time spent since, with 2016 granting the union of Robinson and longtime friend Madeon to conceive the gold certified, anime-accompanied single “Shelter”. Just a year later he’d introduce alter ego Virtual Self, a reinvention that landed him a Grammy nod and left incalculable influence in its wake.

The launch of his own festival, Second Sky, would mark the final endeavor before the start of this new era. “I feel like the world is beautiful and filled with possibility, and that I want to cherish every second that I have to be alive. That description doesn’t quite capture it, but it’s as close as I can get.”


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