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Genre: Dubstep

Origin: United States

From Detroit’s music scene, PEEKABOO (Matthew Lucas) revolutionized experimental
bass with his logo of hands covering the face, signature 140 BPM bass drops, and
laughter effects. Guided by his father, a trumpeter for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra,
Lucas shifted from rock to electronic music, ignited by Skrillex’s “Kill Everybody.” By 14,
he used FL Studio and Abelton for music. His 2017 EP “Revenge,” inspired by DMVU,
birthed PEEKABOO. 2018’s “Babatunde” with G-Rex went viral, reshaping bass music.
From small gigs to headlining festivals, like 2022’s Hide & Seek tour, Lucas connects
intimately with fans. His 2022 EP “Secrecy” on Deadbeats label featured collaborations.
In 2023, PEEKABOO readies for major shows (EDCLV, Bonnaroo). His 2023 album
includes a Skrillex collaboration, symbolizing his growth. PEEKABOO’s future blends
bass exploration, large gigs, and intimacy. Authenticity defines success for him, leaving
an indelible mark on electronic music.

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