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Genre: Electronic

Origin: United States

ODEA has been crushing the electronic dance music scene for 3 years now, with his music ranging from Trap, Drum & Bass, Wave and various other genres that he meshes together so beautifully. It is very apparent why he has gotten the hype he has in recent memory.

His first big shine in the spotlight was with his Remix of RL Grimes “I Wanna Know”. It became the ending track for every RL grime set and was played out by many across the board and solidified ODEA as a force to be reckon with. Having nearly accumulated 1 million streams, ODEA began to shift his focus and hone in on his sound and is truly becoming a remarkable figure in the electronic scene and is soon to be on the forefront of festivals.

With releases on NIGHTMODE, Barong Family, and support from artists such as RL Grime, Boombox Cartel and Said the Sky, it only confirms that we are in for a truly great career ahead for ODEA.


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