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Price: Free

Genre: Electronic

Origin: Canada

OAKK produces dynamic, eclectic, and infectious bass music that is impossible to resist. His high energy DJ sets display his commitment to diversity and flow, while telling a cohesive story that covers a vast musical range and is nothing short of striking.

Musically speaking, OAKK’s catalogue is melodically beautiful and highly energetic — incorporating his respect for the cultures and communities that have influenced the musical landscape of the present. With a strong commitment and respect for a multitude of genres, OAKK is able to effortlessly blend and weave between different soundscapes, creating a sound of his own. With a consistent output of releases, OAKK’s primary focus is to always create projects that vary from previous ones, while maintaining trademark qualities to his productions.

With performances at premier festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, Shambhala and Bass Coast, as well as a Live Boiler Room set, the next step for OAKK is to expand into new territory and share his sound around the globe. The versatility of his productions and DJ sets offer an unpredictable aspect that never compromises the clarity of his vision. This intense passion for music and community has brought OAKK to his current stage, and given him the tools needed to propel his creative endeavours into the future.


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