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Nobodies King

Genre: Dubstep

Origin: United States

Sean Tiedemann, known as Nobodies King, is a bass producer from the Florida Keys, who brings a gentle yet captivating sound to his dark and low-end focused sets. His unique sound combines high-energy bass with the depth and gravity of melodic beats, revealing what he feels bass can truly do on proper sound systems. His main directive when showcasing these various styles and perspectives is to create a memory-building and stress-free environment for all audiences to enjoy.

At the inception of the project at the turn of 2021, Nobodies King had the pleasure of supporting several heavy hitters in the dubstep community. After playing the heavier side of dubstep, he chose to step into a more bass-focused approach when creating sets and has showcased this style at Forbidden Kingdom, Solfest Music & Arts festival, and Bigfoot Electro, ranking as some of his favorite past performances.

Nobodies King acts as an independent artist with an ever-growing and dedicated following, using his newfound platform to grow the community and push frequencies to their boundaries. Constantly eager to add his unique energy to any event and moment in his path, using his ability to connect music and speaker culture in hopes of bringing the community together.


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