Origin: United States

With his flawless technique and signature style behind the decks, DJ Nightstalker is a name that has become synonymous with dancefloor mayhem and West Coast junglism. Having earned his stripes in the underground drum & bass scene of Los Angeles in the late 1990s, DJ Nightstalker’s role as a journalist and editor-at-large for Bassrush and Insomniac’s ever-expanding empire continues to earn him immeasurable recognition and respect worldwide.

It was his early success as a music journalist for legendary mags like Knowledge (UK), URB, XLR8R, Rinse, ATM, Lotus, and even Vice that DJ Nightstalker credits with helping launch his own career as a heavy-hitting DJ in his own right. In the same way that the name Chris Muniz came to be seen as an expert in global bass culture, his pseudonym as DJ Nightstalker soon came to represent an unparalleled dancefloor experience that would soon propel him onto the national and international stage.

Originally paying his dues in the Los Angeles rave scene, DJ Nightstalker has fond memories of legendary L.A. underground venues like the Masterdome, La Casa, Shaolin Temple and the Stillwater Hotel. Even more important during these early years was the creation of his infamous Thursday night rinse-out Primordial on the now-defunct While it was definitely a space for local talent to represent, most heads tuned in to catch sets from the all-start cast of VIP players who would often drop by unannounced. Heavy-hitters like Pendulum, Klute, Photek, Panacea, DJ Rap, E-Sassin, and even non-d&b artists like John Tejada, Ron D. Core and Omar Santana would regularly roll through and flex their skills for the internet massive.

It wasn’t long until DJ Nightstalker found his own skills as a DJ in high demand, unleashing his infectious energy and signature blend of high intensity drum & bass on dancefloors as varied as the legendary Desert Sound Coalition parties in the Mojave Desert on through to Club Yellow in Tokyo, Japan. Having headlined all across the United States as well as rocked crowds alongside the likes of Goldie, Ed Rush & Optical, Tech Itch, Dylan, SS, Dillinja, Lemon D, Roni Size, Marcus Intalex, Trace, Paradox, Jumping Jack Frost, Black Sun Empire, Mampi Swift, Friction, Hive, and Gridlok, DJ Nightstalker continues to be remembered for pushing audiences to the breaking point and transforming an average night out into a high-energy, mind-bending journey.

Fast-forward to 2015 and DJ Nightstalker is in top form even as he balances his alter-ego as a doctoral candidate in a demanding PhD program. While he continues to seek out and profile the most talented artists across the planet in his role as scholar, writer, editor and journalist, the time has come for DJ Nightstalker to once again transform into that dark figure of the night, ready to unleash the beats that will have crowds bouncing off the walls and climbing up the speakers begging for more…


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