Natural Flow

Natural Flow is based in Mexico and comprises of DJs and producers who are transcending (or have transcended) the underground movement.

Hugo Ibarra, Intemporal Music’s label manager, is the hottest deep progressive producer in Mexico who works alongside the most respected deep techno producer, Antu Coimbra, of Hope Recordings & Sullivan Room NYC. Together, this dynamic duo create a hypnotic and melodic sound experience.

Hugo and Antu combine more than ten years of individual work and achievements that allow them to join forces and create a harmonious balance between their hypnotic and rhythmic sounds. Their creations have reached the most popular international music scenes, including support on their solo projects from world-renowned artists such as; Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Guy Mantzur, and Loco Dice.

With new music slated to be released this year, including a highly anticipated record by Be Crazy Ibiza, and a tour through Europe this summer, this duo is arriving with a fresh and inspiring story you can’t miss.


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