Muzik Junkies

Origin: United States

Being a young aspiring DJ, Jorge Quintero worked hard at being a resident DJ at caribe night club in 2005 with DJ Martin Kache. One of the many nights when Jorge was hard at playing in caribe he meet Jose Martinez who was also a hard working DJ who would play for many different occasions. DJ Grande also known as Jose Martinez from small town of Oceanside California and Jorge Quintero also known as DJ George from a small town of Vista California realized they had very similar interest. Music! They decided to work as a team to spread around the type of music they enjoyed and that very unique style that they had. It was 2006 that both dj’s decided to release their first mix tape called DJ George and DJ Grande presents DA 760” Much to their suspicion it ended up being a complete success. It was at that moment they realized that their signature style was going to be for the world to hear. DJ George and DJ Grande worked harder and harder to build something much more greater than what was already there. So in summer of 2006 when title originally belonging to DJ A-Rock, DJ Grande and DJ George became the owner to what you know now as Muzik Junkies.

Soon after obtaining that title, they then released their again first mix tape but this time together as muzik junkies the mix tape being properly named. Muzik Junkies opened up many doors for them, thanks to DJ Seize came again another accomplishment the muzik junkies which was to be playing on radio on Memorial Day in 2008. The station is L.A. #1 party station Latino FM96.3. In September 2008 muzik junkies was recruited by DJ Crème from New York City to join the Commissioners. The Commissioners being the 1st international reggaeton DJ Crew was the moment they were hoping to achieve through all that hard work and dedication. They realized that what they had muzik junkies were headed for even more great success. Muzik Junkies soon became a unique production company that that involves a team of promoters, technicians, editors, producers, designers and off course the doul of DJ’s. End of 2008 till presents Muzik Junkies started their movement in the music industry at the Gas Lamp downtown San Diego and performs in many different venues.

One of the biggest dream that Muzik Junkies had was to work with the number 1 Latin DJ in the world, DJ Kazzanova and on Fall of 2009 Muzik Junkies dream came true and after DJ Kazzanova heard the talent of Muzik Junkies he didn’t waste no time and recruited them to join a FM Syndicated Radio show call Subelo Radio, this Radio Show was heard Nationwide over 15 FM Radio Stations, including, New York, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and many more Cities around the US, never in history of Subelo Radio the show had never had any other DJ perform in the show, only the best of the best had the pleasure to Mix on the show and Muzik Junkies had accomplished that. One Year after their great success with Subelo Radio on fall of 2010 Muzik Junkies was recruited by DJ Lil Jay to Join the biggest Latin Remix website worldwide, Latin Remix Kings, that’s where Muzik Junkies took their production of remixing to another level. Muzik Junkies soon became to be listen to worldwide, from radio across the US to remixes being produced and listen to all over, Muzik Junkies had the pleasure to appear as guest Dj’s in many radio stations, including, Superestrella in Los Angeles to stations In the Valley in California all the way to New York with Univision radio. Muzik Junkies had also created relationships with many artists that on fall of 2011 Muzik Junkies got invited to go to Puerto Rico to meet with Angel Y Khriz and be a part of future projects with these artist, same with Alexis Y Fido. That same year Muzik Junkies got call to perform for the first time in the city of dreams “New York City”. It’s been said great thing come from small towns.


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