Miss K8

Some people are destined to be an artist. Masters of Hardcore’s gorgeous Miss K8 was born in Kiev Ukraine and has been passionate about hard EDM since she first started to listen to music. The very first day she saw deejays play, perform and interact in the Kiev clubs she chose her path and she instantly knew the stage was her domain. As time passed she noticed that she got more and more attracted to the energetic & rough side of hard dance music.

Her drive and sonic skill got picked up by local Kiev deejays and soon Miss K8 started to perform in small underground clubs in Kiev. During this period Miss K8 evolved into the artist she is today, an artist born from true dedication to our noise. As her national career moved on Miss K8 wanted to contribute to the hardcore scene and show her passion for hardcore music to the people in her home country. The best way to infect people with hardcore was to organize hardcore events.

Her unconditional belief in hardcore music resulted in the first real hardcore events in Ukraine. Due the events she personally created, Miss K8 got in contact with Masters of Hardcore and the worlds leading artist agency Most Wanted DJ. When one of the agents witnessed a Miss K8 performance they were blown away by her skills, interaction with the crowd, knowledge of music and her stunning beauty. 3 months later Miss K8 signed an exclusive contract to Masters of Hardcore and her dream became reality.

Nowadays Miss K8 is embraced by thousands of fans and is called the ‘goddess of hardcore’ with performances on stages like Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Syndicate, Defqon.1 and many more. Her solo releases and collaborations are of the highest grade and worshiped by people all over the world.

In July 2014 Miss K8 presented her anthem for Dominator Festival during a mesmerizing show and 40.000 witnesses. Miss K8 proved that persistence, devotion, power and purity lead the way to international hardcore stardom and her #1 position as female artist.

In 2015 Miss K8 reached the historic DJMAG TOP 100 position (#94) being the first female hardcore artist to ever enter the list. In 2016 she went up 6 positions to #88!

In March 2016 Miss K8 unleashed her first solo album called “MAGNET” at Masters of Hardcore. A salvo of sublime solo tracks are complemented by raging collaborations and remixes. Miss K8 was responsible for this years official Masters of Hardcore “Raiders of Rampage” anthem!


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