Mario Judah

Genre: Rap/Hip-hop

Origin: United States

Run-DMC and Aerosmith. Public Enemy and Anthrax. Artists have been weaving rap and rock since the ‘80s, but no one’s brought the two genres together quite like 21-year-old Georgia phenom singer and producer Mario Judah, who has swiftly established himself as a bonafide, self-made Gen Z rockstar with his internet-savvy blend of hard rock, metal, and trap. “Die Very Rough,” the second song he ever released, became an online sensation that spent three weeks at #1 on the Spotify Viral 50 chart and has garnered over 30 million streams across platforms. Given his paradigm-shifting, genre-bending aesthetic, Judah’s rapid success suggests that he isn’t a flash in the pan, but rather that he’s captured lightning in a bottle. Now, he’s on the warpath, intending to build on everything he’s accomplished in a few short months. “It’s time to destroy all,” he said in an October interview. “It’s time to destroy the enemies, crush all the enemies, kill it all, when Mario Judah walks in the door. It’s time.”


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