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Genre: Drum & Bass · Dubstep · Trap

Origin: United States

The 20 year old electronic dance music artist Lynzz, with over 8 years of EDM production experience behind him, has been paving a strong and unique path through the EDM scene. At the early age of eight Lynzz started playing the cello which was what sparked his early interest in music. In the summer of 2016 Lynzz heard “Alone” by Marshmello for the first time and this is where it all began. After his interest in “Alone” Lynzz went down the rabbit hole of EDM and began watching clips of Martin Garrix, Tiesto, and many others Djing at massive festivals and decided music was what he wanted to pursue.

For the first year of his music journey Lynzz was using GarageBand which then lead to him buying his first even DAW, Logic Pro X. Lynzz made a few songs within this DAW and then discovered FL Studio after almost 2 years of working in Logic. After working in FL Studio for 4 years and in this time officially releasing his first song “Count This”, Lynzz ran into a massive writers block and began to second guess on whether or not music was for him. This was when Lynzz decided to try out Ableton as a change of pace and hopefully spark new ideas. Not only did this spark new ideas but it lead to Lynzz switching completely to Ableton and creating the brand you see today.

Despite being around for quite sometime despite his age, Lynzz is just getting started, keep your eyes on the headlines, and have your ears at the ready because you are about to witness history.

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