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Genre: Dubstep

Origin: United States

A singer, songwriter, producer, and performer, Luci is an artist dedicated to shaping the world in a better image. A queer artist ushering in a new vanguard of LGBTQ pop stardom, Luci originally found her footing in the world of music as an electronic music producer, commanding crowds from coast to coast with her signature, bass-boosted soundscapes. After solidifying herself as an formidable presence in the dance music space and garnering a loyal fanbase, Luci embarked on a musical hiatus to explore the depths of her artistic capabilities in closer detail. A limitless creative, Luci dug deep into her roots, emerging from her intermission with a new sonic perspective via her singing and songwriting. Now, Luci is expanding her artistic breadth by evolving past the confines of EDM and moving into the world of pop and performance with a focus on unveiling her vocal prowess. With each harmonious note sung, each collaboration and production more ambitious than the next, and each lyric written a genuine unearthing of her eccentric mind, Luci’s new era is one for the people. Keeping her musical past in her peripheral, Luci distills the edge of dance music with the vibrant bravado of alt-pop music to embody her truest self.


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