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Lost Like Us

Genre: Deep House

Origin: United States

‘Lost Like Us’ is a brand new innovative indietronica electropop project, born from the collaboration between two distinguished musicians, Will Champlin and SAVI. Despite distinct individual career paths, they found common ground in a shared experience of feeling lost at different points in their lives, especially when the pandemic took performing music away. This shared sentiment became the catalyst that united them and lead to the creation of their unique and captivating sound and message.

SAVI, with a notable background in AHZ and acclaimed for his work on GUMMiBEAR, also brings with him a highly successful 12+ year career as a songwriter, producer, and solo artist/DJ. SAVI has headlined almost every major club in the US, remixed for countless top acts from the Chainsmokers to the Pentatonix, and had multiple songs added to full rotation at dance radio as well as a spotify viral top 10. Will Champlin, renowned as a multi Grammy award winner, was also a runner-up on ‘The Voice,’ boasts remarkable musical prowess proficiently playing every instrument, and holds the legacy as the son of Bill Champlin, esteemed vocalist of the legendary band ‘Chicago.’

Together, their rare combination brings an incredibly unique and captivating sound, redefining the live electronic music landscape. Lost Like Us embraces a purposeful approach to their music, resonating with anyone who has ever felt lost in their lives, crafting melodies that serve as a guiding light through challenging times. This dynamic duo channels their emotions into evocative compositions, offering a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who listen.

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