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Lisbona Sisters

Origin: United States

Both of these ladies were born in Atlantic City, NJ which explains a lot. Their father is a musician and was the Director of Entertainment at the Golden Nugget in AC’s 80s hay day. They grew up around serious talent, even kicking it with the Rat Pack at early ages.

They moved to California before they were in New Jersey long enough to develop accents and became best friends early on. As kids, they made up many dance routines to Ace of Base’s “The Sign” album and religiously listened to TLC’s “Crazy Sexy Cool”, even dressing like the group one year for Halloween. Between their mother and father, parents with a nearly 20-year age difference, they were exposed to a broad range of musical tastes.

Their musical style varies from dance floor to dance floor; house, disco, techno and sweet ass funk have been known to weave their ways in with little surprise visits from 80s pop/electro and 90s R&B. In only a couple years of DJing, they’ve played alongside some of the industry’s finest, including Soul Clap, Mr. C, Crazy P, Climbers and Lee Foss.

Lisbona’s party brand, Stretch Sunday, has taken the globe by storm with spandex-fueled antics since its founding in 2012. (Watch their video, and you will see why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_rUzFT3x6c)

These sisters are all love and fun–with just the slightest edge of sneaky shenanigans–always keeping their friends and audiences ready for MORE LISBONA!


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