Lenny V

Lenny V is a name that is synonymous with Underground Dance Music History in Southern California. An integral part of the scene since the early 90’s, Djing at, and putting on some of the most memorable events that helped shape the scene as we know it today. Lenny has been performing at Insomniac Events since the late 90’s and is honored to carry on the tradition of djing at one of his all time favorite events. Born in Chicago, and raised in Los Angeles. His Puerto Rican Heritage has been a major contributing factor that has helped shape his sound. Lenny’s music encompasses his heavy latin rhythms that he heard in his household growing up- along with the new emerging electronic sounds that were starting to grow out of Chicago and Detroit. These sounds continue to be the foundation for the house and techno that he plays when he performs or produces today- and they always will. Lenny continues to express himself via his output of music with projects on UDM Records, and his new collaboration as “Cali Love”. Lenny keeps his imagination running with an eye to the future and a constant desire to evolve his sounds. Keeping his underground roots, but embracing many of the new sounds and the technology that helps fuel the Electronic Dance Music Movement, Lenny is here to stay.


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