Genre : Hardstyle

Origin: United States

Brandon Iwahashi, better known as KEIJI, is one of the rising stars of the American Hardstyle scene. Signed on to Scantraxx Recordz’s newcomer label, X-Bone Records, KEIJI orchestrates a defining tune with a playful style that intertwines cultural and pop elements. His track “Atmosphere” has been highlighted and played by Kutski, Sylence, The Prophet, and Audiotricz. KEIJI discovered his home with Insomniac Events’ “Basscon,” which he played alongside world renowned DJs such as: Headhunterz, Wasted Penguinz, and Lady Faith; as well Hardcore favorites Gammer and Shimamura in his hometown of San Francisco. By charming crowds with his energetic euphoric sound, KEIJI continually rises to share his musical vision with the world.


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