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Genre: Drum & Bass

Origin: United States

Kadilak is known as one of the most revered members of the Florida Drum & Bass scene. He is a member of one of the oldest and respected D&B groups in the US, Torque, out of Orlando, Florida.

Kadilak has a wide range of tastes that started from heavy neuro funk and tech step to eventually evolving into including jungle, liquid and rollers. His signature style of mixing is what sets him aside from a lot of peers around him.

It’s nothing new being major support for some of the biggest names in the industry and sharing stages with all types of artists.

He has long contributed to the growth and rise of D&B in the US and in the D&B catalogue of the world through original releases.

He just recently started his own label with a life long friend called Rolled Up Records which launched in the Summer of 2022.

His debut independent release “East 2 West” on the label hit #1 on Drum & Bass charts holding the spot for a little over 2 weeks.

The most recent release “Dune” hit #3 in May 2023 next to Sub Focus’ new album and Break’s new album.


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