Genre: House

Origin: United States

House Music. Disco. DiscoHouse.

Los Angeles native with a nomadic childhood raised by the sounds of funk, house, soul, jazz, disco and hip-hop. In 2007 Joel bought a pair of turntables and got to work on his DJing skills, being inspired early in his childhood from funk and disco grooves he immediately gravitated towards the dance music scene. As an open format DJ and music lover, Joel thrived in the backyard and house party domain by mixing and combining various genres of music to keep parties going all night. Joel started his LA circuit under the name “Double Up” as a duo with his brother and playing at the Arena in Hollywood when club “Dance” & “BunnyHut” electro parties were the in places to be and has played at parties from L.A. to the O.C. to Santa Barbara, to Hollywood, and hasn’t stopped… He has combined visions with long time best friend; SamBRNS and is currently 1/2 of the house duo “Suit & Tie”. They are currently working together and have released two EP’s out on iTunes & Beatport, and have also made their club debut opening for FKJ(FrenchKiwiJuice) at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles and playing alongside the talents of Breakbot, Irfane, Holy Ghost, Jamie Prado, and many more. Joel is presently working on several music projects along with DJing on a nightly basis all over the L.A. area and continues to let his abilities and passions take him places.


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