Genre: Techno

Origin: United States

Continuing the saga of Seattle’s fiercely smoldering hardware scene is the debut EP from IVVY, a new project rising from the proverbial ashes of Madison Levine’s prior moniker, WMD. In keeping with the spirit of their previous work, this effort is abundant with clean, propellant drums and extraterrestrial atmospheres, but there’s something new at work here that is compellingly hard to pin down – a layer of subtle rawness, unsmoothed edges filigreed like lichen throughout the mechanism of pure, electronic precision. It’s a sense of the organic that juxtaposes perfectly with the clean, timbral perfectionism that defines this record – it’s apparent in the spacious, oscillating woodblock tones of the title track, as well as the understated growls of ‘Motion’. It even rears its head, albeit abstractedly, in the encroaching drone ‘Level 106’. This EP is a lesson in space, texture, and materials science – but it’s also a lesson in botany, and we’re extremely excited to see where IVVY takes us.


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