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Genre: Drum & Bass

Origin: United Kingdom

Inja: Artist, MC, Poet, Father, Chef. Spanning genres and pushing art in it’s most primordial of forms wherever possible, Inja is a true talisman of the underground UK music scene.

Having cut his teeth from an early age upon hearing GQ, Stevie Hyper D and Bassman on a cassette tape, like so many before him, he was immediately drawn in by the lyrical craft. From rolling with Delegates of Culture, UK hip-hop demigods Task Force and Cambridge wordsmith Skuff, he honed his craft with poignant lyrics, positive vibes and a unique showmanship that few can rival. His message has always been an integral feature of Inja’s work, and nothing captures this more so than his spoken word features on The Huffington Post and The Guardian, tackling issues from Immigration to Women’s Rights, Inja speaks out wherever he see’s fit.

Perfecting his flow with powerful lyricism at Warning and Hospitality shows, he began working with brothers Nu:Tone and Logistics and was first introduced to the Hospital crew. MC of choice for Kings Of The Rollers (Serum, Bladerunner & Voltage) DJ Die, Randall, Serum and S.P.Y his stratospheric rise to the pinnacle of the D+B game is one that has caught the attention of many. Within D+B he’s featured on countless tracks such as Serum’s ‘Blow Them Away’ and Whiney’s ‘Flashlight’. All leading to his first solo single ‘No Regrets’ produced by hip hop legend Pete Cannon and signing with Hospital Records.


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