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During an age when several artists, critics, and fans alike are declaring the death of Hip-Hop, Eric Mac aka iE-z is determined to bring the unique sound of Southern California’s Inland Empire to the world. iE-z believes that the renaissance of Hip-Hop is upon us, and he is on a personal mission of lyrical resurrection. He is a multi-talented artist, writer, producer, engineer, and revolutionist…far more than just a rapper. By age 12 he was freestyling with such passion and ease that his friends christened him EZ, which soon evolved to i-Ez. At 17, iE-z’s mother blessed him with his first set of production equipment in an effort to give him focus while encouraging his creativity, his overall love of music, and his passion for self-expression. iE-z brings his unique sense of style and creativity to his music, drawing inspiration from Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, Rock, Funk…he truly is genre-less. iE-z’s lyrics breathe relevance attributed to his life experiences, socio-economic awareness, the bulls**t of politics, and his revolutionary belief that real change can bring peace and unity. iE-z professional career has only just begun. He hassolo and collaborative works waiting to be released, and has performed live in Vegas, at 420 Fest, and Coachella to name a few. iE-z is fast on the rise, and he sees no limit to what he can achieve.


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