Genre : Hardstyle

Origin: Korea, Republic of

Jheesue Yang aka. Hpnotic, was born and grew up in Seoul, South Korea. A huge place with a young and booming EDM club scene, but what feels like, to her, a gaping hole in the Hardstyle music scene.

Jhee Sue grew up close to music. She started to learn piano at age 5 and had experience in the biggest music hall in Seoul as a member of a chorus, but never thought about becoming a professional musician before she went into a club for the first time!!!

It was at that point in 2010 when she found her passion for Electronic Dance Music and started learning how to DJ. She learnt at the most famous club in Seoul, Club Heaven, which had invited hardstyle artists such as Headhunterz, Brennan Heart, Activator, Dutchmaster, Showtek and Technoboy, to Korea for the first time. She fell in love with Hardstyle Music right away and tried to find out everything she could about Hardstyles music history, festivals, artists and culture!

She also helped organise and DJed at a hardstyle music party in a small bar called Trippin’. The party became really popular with the local shufflers in Korea. Through doing this she also found that just playing music is not enough, she decided to learn how to making music. There were no hardstyle producers or academies for electronic music producers at that time, but she managed to find a passionate young friend called ‘DJ Impacter’, who was the only another hardstyle producer in Korea. They started learning how to produce hardstyle music and developed their production skills together!

Whilst trying her best to make the hardstyle scene in Korea bigger, she felt that she needed more experience in the foreign hardstyle scenes too. Having been influenced so much by Korean shufflers, most of them had been to Australia, her first destination was Australia; Sydney and Melbourne. She was influenced by hard trance, hard dance and reverse bass from there. Then, after one year she traveled to the origins of hardstyle all the way to Netherlands. So impressed by Xqlusive Wildstylze and Hard Bass 2013, she decided to go all out and move to her new mecca of hardstyle, Netherlands. She started her career with all the hardstyle history in Korea but made hard decision to start over as a hardstyle producer in Europe.


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