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Heidi Lawden

Genre: House

Origin: United Kingdom

Heidi Lawden is a DJ, producer, and occasional vocalist. She hosts the monthly radio show ‘Magic Roundabout’ on LA’s Dublab. Heidi Lawden arrived in London’s queer club & rave scene in the 90s and has lived and breathed the world of dance music since. Now based in LA, she DJs at the US’s finest clubs, undergrounds, and festivals. Heidi’s style cannot be pigeonholed; she fluidly combines House, Techno, and synth-laden Disco oddities to create a world of her own. Heidi has gained the respect and admiration of her peers through her knowledge, style, and infectious excitement and love for the global dance music community. Although having long since honed the subtle skill of the warm-up, Heidi excels with lengthy sets that truck through into the morning; a recent solo set clocked an incredible 8 hours to a sold-out warehouse till 8 am. A true crossover DJ traversing gay and straight parties, she invariably promotes and seeks to elevate fellow female, gender-fluid, and next-gen artists through both her bookings and radio show. She shies away from filmed sets and DJ mixes, preferring the intimacy and inspiration of a real-time experience. Minimal live recordings have featured on Apple Music, Feel My Bicep, the latter citing her mix among the site’s more popular. During the day, Heidi collaborates on worldwide events for DJ Harvey, who has cited her as his muse; she is somewhat media-shy and prefers to let her music and parties do the talking. Her few releases include ‘Dancefloor Dreams’ as Heidi Hoven & ‘Next to You’ as Locussolus, a track she also sings on. Heidi’s calendar is full with key North and South America dates, but 2024 will see her widen her international touring schedule to include dates at Love International, Panorama Bar, Wildwood festival, Fort Life, Pikes Ibiza, Horsemeat Disco, and Glitterbox.


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