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Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada now based in Los Angeles, Erik Hamamoto or better known by his moniker “HAMi” crushed nollie heel- flips in his sleep as a pro skater during the 2000’s. Unfortunately, after a debilitating tour ending motorcycle accident that left him in recovery for over 5 months, HAMi repurposed his disciplined work ethic as well as natural talent. He channeled it with full force into a new skill set – bass music production.

Now with huge tunes in heavy rotation in set-lists around the world, he can count on bass music heavy weights such as Datsik, Borgore, Getter, and NGHTMRE to add to his list of supporters. HAMi has released tracks on the massive bass labels such as Firepower Records, Buygore, and Never Say Die. He has also started his own label and culture club called, “40oz Cult”. 40oz Cult claims bass bombardiers Dack Janiels, and Wenzday as major stakeholders.

This past year HAMi has devoted himself to the studio and has pumped out bangers, one after another including, “Le’go”, “Go Hard”, “Draco”, and “Molly Water” which have all been released on 40oz Cult’s Label. With recent releases on NSD: Black Label Vol.12, Firepower Records Shellshock Kamikaze Compilation, and Buygore’s Fresh Blood Vol.2. HAMi is establishing himself as the next big act to break through.You dont want to sleep on HAMi whatsoever especially considering the fans who flock to his shows report intense levels of railriding and eccessive headbanging. HAMi puts blood, sweat, and tears into his sets. He’s usually raging just as hard or possibly harder than his fans and as a result hes cultivated a devout following.

From his recent bookings in LA with famous Space Yacht, and now being able to play at his own 40oz Cult showcases HAMi will be the new face of bass in 2018. 2018 already promises to be a huge year for HAMi look out for his scorching new collaborations with Pogman, Dack Janiels, and Trollphace coming soon!


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